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Apostolic Covering/Peer Accountability:

We cover senior leaders in all of their functions as gifts to the body of Christ, and we stand as comrades to those who have aligned with us apostolically. We will stand by and for each other as family in God. We are responsible for the actions of one another.


Apostolic Networking and Resources:

COHIA has an executive board that is convened by lawyers, business consultants, and event coordinators that will assist all of our members in any area of ministry business as needed. These services are offered along with reading materials and manuals that are written and produced by other members.


Individuality and Independence:

We as an apostolic network do not have any authority over the local church. Each leader is in total control of the ministry that has been given to them by God. You as a leader are our focus. We desire to see you grow and accomplish ALL of your God-given assignment. Our assignment is only to cover and assist while working together to fulfill the Kingdom mandate of COHIA as a whole.


Church Structure and Growth Assistance:

The house of God lacks order and structure. When God sets forth a ministry, and even gives a prophetic word to it, there is still a part that leadership of that house must play in order to see growth manifested. Our churches will never grow without the establishment of systematic structure, and principles that must be followed. The New Testament pattern given by Jesus Christ must be implemented and spread throughout the body in order for divine blessings to come. This is the beginning of growth in numbers.


Courses of Study and Training:

God is given present truth to the body of Christ. The local church must be strengthened if they are going to stay relevant in changing times. We offer seminars, retreats, conferences, and for senior pastors, their five-fold ministers, and their leadership teams.

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